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Keeping Keith in community

A local to Theodore in central Queensland, Keith has spent his life contributing to his community, from cattle farming to engineering, to now running the Dawson River Cruise service and driving the local school bus.

Though he loves his hometown of Theodore, like so many others living in our rural, remote, and First Nations communities, Keith has not had the easiest road when accessing specialist healthcare. In fact, after experiencing a major health scare which resulted in him needing annual follow-up appointments, Keith has spent a considerable amount of his own time and resources travelling to and from Brisbane to keep his health in check.

It’s been 10 years since Heart of Australia started helping patients like Keith access life-saving specialist care close to home. Since beginning visits with the Heart Truck to Theodore on a quarterly basis back in 2020, our cardiac specialists have been able to actively manage Keith’s health – alongside his GP – in the heart of his own community.

A special thank you to our partners at Boehringer Ingelheim for helping to tell Keith’s story. Watch his video above.

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