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The heart of HEART 3 

HEART 3 has been busier than ever hitting the highways attending community events and providing extra clinical support for patients and it all wouldn’t be possible without Heart of Australia team member Fionn O’Seighin. 

Fionn joined Heart of Australia in early 2022 as a Medical Aide, helping to deliver our specialist healthcare clinics out in the regions and providing medical and administration support onboard the trucks. Since then, he’s gone on to acquire his HR (Heavy Rigid) Truck License and received further training so that he’s able to drive HEART 3 as well. 

With Fionn as the exclusive driver and Medical Aide of HEART 3, we’re able to provide additional medical support for patients during busy clinics and spend more time at community events alongside our partners and supporters.  

In March alone, Fionn has taken HEART 3 on a roadshow through New South Wales providing health checks in Gunnedah, Forbes and Sydney, spent a day in Brisbane at the IOR Family Fun Day, and then on to the Gold Coast to host tours of the truck for our partners at Janssen. 

A big thank you to Fionn for all his hard work this month helping us to keep HEART 3 on the road. 

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